Temecula and Murrieta's
Premier Ballet Training

Academy of Ballet Arts bridges the passion of ballet with professional training. Our commitment to excellence in dance shines through in every pirouette and plié.

Temecula ballet classes

Join our family at Murrieta and Temecula’s premiere classical ballet training facility. Academy of Ballet Arts bridges the passion of ballet with professional training. Our commitment to excellence in dance shines through in every pirouette and plié.

Classical Ballet Classes

Academy of Ballet Arts offers Murrieta and Temecula ballet classes that are tailored for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Train with world-renowned ballet teachers who are passionately dedicated to the ballet arts.

Pas De Deux

Experience the art of partnered ballet in Academy of Ballet Arts’ Pas De Deux classes, offering a unique opportunity to nurture teamwork among our ballet students, both in the studio during training and on the stage.

Classical Variations

Discover some of the most iconic roles in the history of classical ballet, ranging from the greatest solos in Swan Lake to Giselle and beyond. Our Classical Variations classes are ideal for preparing your child for the stage.

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

Discover the elegance of dancing en pointe with Academy of Ballet Arts’ Pointe & Pre-Pointe classes. Our expert instructors guide students of all levels in building strength, technique, and grace for this iconic ballet style.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Join us for contemporary dance classes suitable for all skill levels. These classes blend ballet technique with modern expression, providing ballet dancers the opportunity to enhance their creativity and versatility.

Performances & More

We prioritize stage performance excellence, with a strong presence in competitions like YAGP and Prix De Lausanne. We also produce two productions each year, including The Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and more! 

Crafting Ballet's Next Generation

From Our Studios to Their Stages

A Legacy of Excellence

Academy of Ballet Arts nurtures talent to its fullest potential, guiding students as they transition from our Temecula ballet studios to prestigious stages worldwide. Our alumni have received full or partial scholarships as well as professional contracts to many renowned institutions including:

The Royal Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre, Paris Opera Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Ballet West, Colorado Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet.

And numerous other prestigious ballet schools and companies.

temecula ballet classes

Where Talent Makes Headlines:

Featured on ABC7 News & Beyond

Recognized Excellence

Our students’ passion, drive, and exemplary performances have not only graced countless stages but have also been recognized and celebrated by major media outlets such as ABC7.

A Decade with Academy of Ballet Arts' Temecula Ballet Classes

Showcasing Local Talent for Over 10 Years

Local Stars Shine

For over 10 years, we’ve been showcasing the extraordinary artistry of our students in unforgettable performances. Join us in celebrating their journey through a decade of ballet excellence.

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