Dress Code and Uniform

Dressing appropriately for ballet classes is not only a tradition but also a fundamental aspect of the dance experience. Here, you’ll find detailed information on the Academy of Ballet Arts’ dress code requirements for each class level, ensuring that you or your child arrives fully prepared for every lesson. We believe that proper attire enhances focus, discipline, and the overall learning experience. Whether you’re new to ballet or a seasoned dancer, adhering to our dress code helps create a professional and cohesive environment in the studio.


Class Colors

• Pre-Ballet and Advanced Pre-Ballet: Light pink leotard (light pink skirt optional)

• Primary Ballet: Lavender leotard (light pink or lavender skirt optional)

• Level 1B/1A: Light blue leotard

• Level 2B/2A: Royal blue leotard

• Level 3: Teal leotard

• Level 4: Dark purple leotard

• Level 5/6: Black leotard

• Men: Black tights, white fitted t-shirt, black ballet shoes

Dress Code

Ballet Classes: Students are required to wear their assigned dress code color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes, and hair in a ballet bun. Students not following the dress code will be asked to observe class that day.

Contemporary, Conditioning: (Teacher discretion) Any color/style leotard may be worn or tank top/t-shirt, jazz pants or leggings, shorts. Jazz shoes, tap shoes, ballet shoes, or bare feet are acceptable depending on class and teacher discretion.